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Ichimon Description
Bench Sumo Ichimon Takanorappa's Webpage that identifies all ichimon members and brings us all about the Bench Sumo Ichimon Championship.
Doitsugo The members of this ichimon live in, or have special connection to the german-speaking area in europe.
Parlez-vous français ? This newest Ichimon gathers together French speakers, and is affiliated with the French-language Info-Sumo Forum.
Massashigawa We are a group of sumo-minded individuals who either live in, or feel a certain connection to the New England area, and participate in many of the same sumo-based games on the Internet
North Pole "By having [a] henka button in bench sumo ... [this] would add a new element to the game, which would hopefully be a little controversial ...
[in that some] rikishi ... who start off the basho with the intention of winning by skill alone, [could] change their mind in the second week as MK looms."
(Jejima, 01/02/03)
" These players should be banished to the North Pole!!"
Sakura The Sakura Ichimon Website, dedicated to a group of Bench Sumo players linked by citizenship, pedigree, residence, and/or affinity with the birthplace of sumo: JAPAN!
Sumoforum The Sumoforum Ichimon: The truly GLOBAL ichimon!
Benchsumo Who Is Who Get Bench Sumo rikishi profiles, photos and history.